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Pink to make the boys wink

copyright: Lorenzo Vitturi

Lorenzo Vitturi’s pictures offer a magical realist mixture of street-cast portraiture, re-photographed collages and found objects. He has recently been awarded the 2014 Photography Prize at the Hyéres International Festival of Fashion & his exhibition Dalston Anatomy opens at The Photographers’ Gallery on August 1st.

BEETLES+HUXLEY3-5 Swallow StLondonW1B 4DE

3-5 Swallow St

Piemanson Beach

Every year on May 1, Piémanson beach in the heart of Carmargue Nature Reserve welcomes a human migration from all over Europe. Rather than hippies or hobos, these are families who have been making the pilgrimage to France’s last wild beach for more than 30 years, bringing with them a new generation of children and grandchildren. Officially campers are able to stay for one night without charge, but many stay for longer, fashioning temporary homes from plastic sheeting and wood.

Vasantha Yogananthan began photographing the alternative resort in 2009. He built up a close relationship with the regulars, exploring the way they reacted with one another and their environment.


His photographs are dreamy representations of lost summers. The sense of freedom is palpable. Children live a “Swallows and Amazons” existence, running free to explore nature with their fishing nets in sand-covered, tanned skin. In “Princess”, the young Tina stands on the caravan roof, a sentry of all she surveys. Elsewhere a young boy sleeps in a tangle of red cloth, cuddling a fluffy white dog and a wide-eyed kitten, a picture of abandoned bliss.


Come September the local Gendarmerie clear the beaches and the holiday-makers head home. Because the freedom of the beach is under threat, they’re never sure if they will be back next year.



imagephotographs copyright: Vasantha Yogananthan

Playtime at the Palace

What fun we had at the Palace documenting this summers exhibition on the Royal children. Photograph’s by Ben Murphy


This animal Thursday is fab to have pictures by the greatest English eccentric photographer Tim Walker. Tim’s sometimes dark, whimsical creations are a visual fairytale; pastel coloured pussies a blue elephant and model Agyness Deyn with Kiki the supermodel cheetah in Nambia. Thanks Tim


Pastel Cats, Northumberland, UK, Italian Vogue, November 2000 © Tim Walker


Lisa Cant, London, UK, British Vogue, December 2004 © Tim Walker

imageBlue Elephant & Temple, Dungarpur, India, Japanese Vogue, June 2004 © Tim Walker

imageAgyness Deyn, Simon & Kiki, Kolmanskop, Namibia, British Vogue, May 2011 © Tim Walker


Kinga Rajzak, Northumberland, UK, British Vogue, October 2009 © Tim Walker


Karen Elson & Atlas the Lion, Oxfordshire, UK, Love Magazine, A/W 2013 © Tim Walker


Simon Robert’s graceful photographs of the great British pier is now touring 11 coastal museums and galleries until 19th October. The exhibition coincides with the 200th birthday of Ryde Pier. Didn’t the Victorians do it well. Good reason to enjoy Simon’s story commissioned for the Telegraph magazine in 2011

The Grand Pier at  Weston-super-mare

Left the graceful arches of Clevedon Pier in Somerset. Right, from top Southwold pier on the Suffolk coast; Bournemouth pier, Hastings pier

Blackpool South Pier; Saltburn pier in North Yorkshire; Cromer pier in Norfolk. Right Llandudno pier, north Wales, one of the best surviving examples of cast-iron piers

Above, Walton pier, Essex. Right, Worthing pier, West Sussex

Photographs copyright: Simon Roberts


                                                    Photographs by Douglas Ljungkvist


Ocean Beach is more than a topographic study of a 1940’s New Jersey beach resort. With his graphic, color sensitive, and vernacular photographic voice, Douglas Ljungkvist produced a body of work depicting a unique place in the American landscape with strong yet quiet subtexts of time, memory, and identity. Between 2009 and 2012, Ljungkvist had portrayed more than 60 cottages in Ocean Beach. He felt the project was ready to publish. Then Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore and destroyed cottages that Ljungkvist had recently photographed.



Photographs copyright: Douglas Ljungkvist

Pubished by Kehrer Verlag, 2013


                  Solo exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery

copyright: Lorenzo Vitturi

Dalston Anatomy is a visual ode to Dalston, as a unique place where different cultures merge together in a celebration of life, diversity and unstoppable energy. I felt compelled to capture this place at its rawest and most beautiful with all its flaws and smells before it too is transformed and disappears altogether, as time moves ever forward.

1 august — 19 october 2014